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The Significance of the American Eagle Silver Dollar

The American eagle silver dollar coins are a legal tender, made at the united states of America's mint at West Point, in New York. The production of these coins has been since the year 1986, with a face value equivalent to that of one American dollar. Get more info on american currency coins. Today, these coins are worth much more than one dollar, because the price of one silver ounce has appreciated more than one dollar over the last 490 years.

They are composed of 99% pure silver and are cracked by the government due to silver purity and weight. The silver dollars are the most popular silver coins in today's world. Due to the current value of these coins, one can cash them out any time.

Adolph a Weinman designed the beautiful walking liberty, and this was recognized and praised worldwide then. The coin's back design was a powerful image of an eagle, which John Mercanti came up with. It includes 13 stars above the eagle's head and a shield. The thirteen stars are a representation of the original 13 American colonies.

The eagle silver dollar is the largest silver dollar that the American mint has ever made. According to the law, any coin made should at least contains 1 troy ounce which is 99.9% silver. It is also required to have a diameter of 1.598 inches, or 40.6 mm. These coins are relatively large and make a significant impression to the boot. Each silver eagle coin has been struck with due care and precision to meet the U.S. Mint's high standards. These coins are great, and having them is a convenient way of owning pure silver. One can start building his or her wealth by purchasing these coins.

In many instances, the American silver eagle coins are used as gifts and investments. They also can be used as protection means should a natural disaster occur, or bank systems fail. You can conveniently use such coins to pay for food, shelter, and so on. With this, it is wise to have some stuck in your home.

Over time, silver coins have always been accepted as a means of payment in times of disasters or emergencies. Discover more about American Eagle Silver Dollar. This means that as much as you can use them as an investment plan, they still can be of great help to you in cases where you cannot access needed money. You can use such coins to make more money in the future, and even enhance the safety of your loved ones.

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